Our Sustainability Statement.

For the Toast Society team, sustainability means buying less, but buying better.

We believe conscious living means making considered decisions to choose quality over mass-produced items. This is our mentality when we are developing products for our own customers, and as everyday consumers.

How Do We Put Sustainability Into Practice?

Within our business, implementing sustainable practices is an ever-evolving journey.

We are constantly searching for innovative ways to become more sustainable and soften our impact on the earth.

As we’ve grown, we have implemented sustainable practises throughout our everyday business, from the use of recycled card for our swing tags, to decomposable shipping satchels, and paperless receipts for all purchases.

Producing Puffers

High quality materials and production practices mean your puffer is designed to last year after year, not just for one season.

Filled with lightweight cotton designed to mimic duck down, our puffers are:

  • Water-resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free from feathers
With production numbers capped to reduce wastage, our puffers are made in PRC by highly skilled technicians who have over 15 years of specialised experience in manufacturing outerwear to a very high standard.

We would love to produce locally but cannot find any manufacturers who have the machinery to produce our kind of product.

This doesn’t mean we are giving up! We are continually making enquires and hope that not too far down the track, we will be able to produce our products in Australia.

A Sustainable Future

As an emerging brand, we’re still in the process of developing and applying the use of sustainable materials throughout our products, including recycled polyester and recycled and organic cotton.

We are very conscious about staying on the ball. This means ensuring we undertake research on all materials and practices before we select them, as unfortunately, a lot of the processes going into making sustainable fabrications have unsustainable side effects, such as excess water usage and the use of harmful bleach and dyes.

We aim to put as much care into our sustainability practices as we do our product design, because we know the future of one does not exist without the other.

As a core focus moving forward, we look forward to providing our customers with updates on our sustainability progress!

Love the Toast team xxx